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Generation Rx University

Resources for College Students

The Generation Rx University resources were created by college students, for college students, to help prevent prescription drug misuse on college campuses. These materials are designed for use in courses, student orientation, residence halls, Greek life, recreational sports, student organizations, or any other venue where college students live and learn.

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Generation Rx University Workshops

This section includes resources that can be used by faculty, staff, or peer educators in facilitating group discussions.


Generation Rx University Theatre

Performance/Skit & Discussion Based Resources

This section incorporates skits or performances to engage students in group discussion.


Other Resources

“The Party” InterACT Video
Ohio State’s INTERACT drama troupe invites high school students to direct actors who portray college kids contemplating the use of prescription drugs at a party. This innovative project was organized by The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy’s Generation Rx. Participants: Interact’s Robin Post and Nicole Kwiek, PhD, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery
The Higher Education Center provides resources, training, and technical assistance for colleges and universities wishing to enhance their alcohol and other drug misuse prevention efforts or collegiate recovery communities.

Taking Action to Prevent & Address Prescription Drug Abuse: A Resource Kit for America’s College Campuses
The downloadable handouts in this resource kit are provided by the National Council on Patient Information and Education and designed to equip peer educators and campus leaders (residence assistants, peer health educators,campus leaders in student government, Greek life or campus clubs, and captains of athletic teams among others) with timely and practical informational resources and programming ideas to educate college students about prescription drug misuse prevention and treatment, and also to help build skills so that students can take action against it.

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