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Welcome to Generation Rx

This website provides educational resources to help prevent the misuse of prescription medications and is provided through a partnership between The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and the Cardinal Health Foundation. Explore this site to Learn about the scope, causes and consequences of this national public health epidemic and Take Action by sharing what you have learned with others using our free, ready-to-use resources. This is also a platform for you to contact us and tell your stories of prescription drug misuse prevention. Thank you for making a difference in your community!


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Educational Programs

Click here to access Generation Rx resources designed to educate people of all ages within your community.

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Our educational programs and digital resources help address the following:

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You can help keep your community safe from the consequences of misusing prescription drugs by using Generation Rx resources to educate your family, friends, colleagues, students or patients. Here’s how others are doing just that!

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