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Patient Resources

Respect the Rx

The “Respect the Rx” campaign provides resources for educating patients about the
potentially deadly consequences of misusing prescription drugs. The goal is to help them benefit from prescribed medications while avoiding the serious problems which can result from their misuse. (These materials were prepared by student pharmacists, in collaboration with Rardin Family Practice, at The Ohio State University.)

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Patient Videos on Controlled Substances

This section contains a video for  waiting rooms and an educational video with an accompanying handout for patients who receive a controlled substance prescription.


The Opioid Checklist

“The Opioid Checklist” is provided for use by pharmacists in educating patients about the safe use of opioid medications. It briefly outlines key aspects of the opioid epidemic, provides medication counseling guidelines, describes safe medication storage and disposal options, and provides space to include the pharmacist/pharmacy’s information. Use this checklist when counseling your patients, and send it home with them for future reference.


Patient Brochure

This section includes a brochure that can be printed and given to patients.


Healthcare Professional Talking Points

This section includes talking points for healthcare professionals when prescribing or dispensing controlled substances for their patients.


Patient Questions for Health Professionals

This section includes sample questions for patients to ask their healthcare professionals when receiving controlled substance prescriptions.


Other Resources

National Institute on Drug Abuse Information for “Patients & Families” 
This site provides information about treatment resources, prevention resources, clinical trials, and addiction, as well as “a patient’s perspective.”

The Medicine Abuse Project “Patient Education Materials”
This site from the PartnershipTM for Drug-Free Kids provides resources and information for healthcare providers to use with their patients.

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